Dedication to a 1997 animated musical distributed by Warner Bros., after being the only animated feature made by Turner Entertainment.

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Anonymous asked:
Why didn't they make a sequel to cats don't dance

Well it could be almost the same reason why CDD isn’t so popular such as a box office failure, lack of advertisement and they didn’t have fanfare in which it was all Warner Bros. fault, unfortunately. If the marketing campaign were to be successful, they would have a chance to make a sequel.

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Anonymous asked:
From most of the reviews of CDD I've seen on YouTube, most of it said the Danny was a very bland character. What do you think about Danny, in your own personal opinion?

That reminds me that I have seen those CDD reviews on Youtube and having them said Danny was a bland character. What I personally think about Danny is that he is an adorable character. Especially the way he was drawn and I also like the way he wasn’t willing to give up to make his dream come true.

The only thing is that I wish he could been improved is by having his character getting more depth which makes me think how the film tried too hard to make him stand out more with “Danny’s Arrival Song” and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” scenes while Darla being in a “Lil’ Ark Angel” and “Big and Loud” scenes might of caused him being overshadowed.

Anonymous asked:
Which is your least favorite character from CDD?

Woah, good question ~ I think the least favorite character might be Max because I don’t get what he’s supposed to be. Even that I get an idea of a oversized shaved ape who is Darla and I get there has to be an giant looking villian character in some typical animated films I guess but it just gets me a little confused. Although I personally don’t try to make negative remarks but I would say he would be my least favorite I could think about ^^;

Anonymous asked:
How would you react if some movie director decided to do a remake of Cats don't dance, or possibly a sequel? I know there's no chance of seeing a sequel based on this movie, but it's just a thought. A fan can dream right?

I don’t know how would I react if the director decided to to a remake/sequal of Cats Don’t Dance whether it would be in 2D or 3D but as long it doesn’t turn out to be one of the animated films with remakes/sequals that are done poorly and having low rated reviews.

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