Dedication to a 1997 animated musical distributed by Warner Bros., after being the only animated feature made by Turner Entertainment.

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I always thought the sunflower from PvZ reminded me of Danny. >:)

"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Natalie Cole, Scott Bakula and Kathy Najimy
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Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
Preformed by Natalie Cole, Scott Bakula and Kathy Najimy
Music and Lyrics by Randy Newman


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Hey! Would you like my URL? I have no time to run it (obviously); it's such a mess with theme, etc. Let me know! :)

Well sure! Even that I know that your CDD tumblr hasn’t been active for long time but I will appreciate the URL though :D

Ever since I saw CDD 10 years ago, I loved Danny and Sawyer to death and have since been recreating them as if to “fit in” with our world. They’ve gone through many changes over the years. This is what they look like to me now.